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About Us



Chemical - free, Vegan and Natural

At Celebrity You, our products are non-toxic, vegan - friendly and truly natural.


Plant Based ingredients

Our products are formulated only with plant based actives and herbal extracts.


Clean Beauty achieved from Nature

At Celebrity You, we believe nature is powerful and healing so we enhance your beauty with ingredients from Nature.

Our Story

At Celebrity You, we believe ingredients matter so we seek out and use only pure, potent and sustainable ingredients.

Our nourishing formulas are powered by plant-based peptides, Antioxidant-rich oils and a myriad of other Natural extracts.

Beauty can be achieved from Nature and should be free from harsh chemicals and toxins that have become ubiquitous in the beauty world

This inspired Elizabeth Salami, a Pharmacist who is on a mission to bring Clean Beauty without toxins and harsh chemicals to every home.

'' As someone with very sensitive skin, I struggled with finding the right hair and skin care products over the years... so with my knowledge on Pharmaceutical formulations and Pharmacognosy, I decided to create Hair and Skin care products made from pure, natural and plant-based Ingredients suitable for ALL Hair textures and Skin types''

Essentially, Celebrity You Natural Care enhances your beauty using only ingredients from Nature.


“Over several years we made a promise to provide quality products, fair prices and excellent service. It’s a commitment that’s as relevant today as it’s ever been”